How To Love your makeup brushes

Hi there fangirls!

If you want your brushes to keep on loving you, you have to treat them with care!

The Petal Collection is an exquisite handmade set consisting of high quality Korean synthetic hair and versatile enough to showcase all your fangirl flare!

Dermatologists recommend cleaning your brushes once a week to limit bacterial buildup.

When it's time to give them some care,
here are some tips:

Gently wash bristles with your favorite cleanser or baby shampoo.

Rinse brushes with warm water and squeeze excess moisture in a downward motion.

Avoid getting water into the ferrule (the metal part) of the brush.

Reshape to their unique oval shape with your fingers.

Lay flat to dry overnight.

 Once your brushes are dry, they will retain their softness, and be ready to get back to work for you!


Be consistent and timely with your care.

Your devotion means your brushes will be around for a long time to serve your artistic creations!


Stay tuned fangirls for more tips and tricks!

Love, Amanie