The Lashswipe

Hello Fangirls!

The current pandemic has turned the makeup world upside down.  Lipsticks are taking a back seat to lots of creative eye makeup to account for the mask wearing during this time.  With all these "eye centric" looks popping up on the runway and in daily life, the one key element is lashes, and lots of them!  WE love lashes, and  we are seeing an explosion of colorful hues in addition to the classic, never go out of style lashes!

As a makeup artist in the industry, I share the same frustrations as anyone new to makeup. We LOVE lashes, but  we HATE applying them.  Lashes instantly add glamour, but can quickly turn into a nightmare if those fluffy demons aren't applied correctly.  You get where I am going with this... proper placement, fit, and with just one extra squeeze of glue, a gloppy mess on your hands!  NOT FUN AT ALL!

The saying  "necessity is the mother of invention" is the best way to describe Fangirl Cosmetics newest innovation, the "Lashswipe". This exciting new tool attaches to any universal duo glue and calibrates the precise  amount for false lash applications.  It was time to come up with a tool to help optimize lash applications with the right amount of glue. Simply insert  to your duo, press to release the glue, and swipe your lashes's that simple, precise, and quick!  

Lashes will always be popular with every age group, and a mainstay in beauty!  As a TV artist, sometimes I only have five minutes to apply lashes on talent. This kind of stress leaves no room for error, and I always reach for my Lashswipe to make sure it gets done!

 Whether you are a professional makeup artist or your own artist, we are thrilled to bring this innovation to life as we continue to create tools that advance individual creativity. The Lashswipe is a time saver, a stress saver, and a necessity in every artist's kit!  SWIPE AWAY FANGIRLS!



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