The Petal Collection Creation

Let's face it fangirls,

We keep bad brushes around when we know it's time to break up and move on! Who can resist a pretty looking brush? Guilty as charged! Take it from one fangirl to another, not all brushes are created equal.

As a professional makeup artist for over twenty years, I have seen my share of brushes.  The worthy ones stuck around in my kit, and the not-so-fabulous ones made their exit quickly.  With trial and error, I went through flimsy handles, coarse bristles, and oddly shaped brushes. Not to mention, many failed attempts to revive brushes that fell apart. This was both time consuming and costly!

When Maya and I decided to dive into the world of makeup brushes and create the" Petal Collection", we wanted all the features we love about brushes. Innovation and versatility were high on our list. The bristles had to be of fine quality, the handles had to be durable, and the weight had to be just right for stability. What's more, the brushes had to be multi-tasking stars ready to get to work!


In my TV work, sometimes I don't get the luxury or time to use many brushes to accomplish a makeup look.  Brushes that tackle more than one function help speed through an application without compromising precision.  With the "Petal Collection," my go-to brush every time is the P1-Powder for that airbrush finish.  Shaped like a petal, it allows for the perfect deposit of product and detailed control.  The brush covers areas quickly but is streamlined enough without the bulk of traditional powder brushes.


My other can't-be-without brush is the P-5 triangle brush.  This brush is a powerhouse!!!  I use it for lips, brows, liners, and the corners of the eyes.  The specific angle allows me to get into every feature of the face.  It's hard for me to imagine not using this little knockout.  Even better, my tool kit is kept to a nice minimum of trusted tools that don't fail me on the job.


P-5 petal collection set makeup brush


Fangirls, please let us know what your favorite brush is from our "Petal Collection."  We hope you love them all as you explore your creative beauty but won't be surprised if you find that one or maybe two brushes your face can't go without.  Drop us a note, we want to hear from all fangirls!

Stay tuned fangirls for more tips and tricks!

Love, Amanie


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